Lynnette Hesser

     I am the maker of Seven Springs Handmade Soap, Solid Lotion Bars, and Lip Gloss. All products are made without preservatives and with all natural ingredients. I use cream in all the lightly scented or unscented soaps, Dead Sea Salt, and honey. My soap is smooth to the touch and a delight to use. Scents available: "Orange Clove", "Black Raspberry Vanilla", "Lychee Red Tea", "Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Pine or Fir", "Mango Vanilla", "Lemon-Lime", "Cucumber Melon", "Unscented", and "The Spice of Life" which is a wonderful combination of scents.
     Bars are $5.00, muffins are $3.50 and the Visitor/ Guest/Sample 1" squares are $1.00. Shipping costs depend on quantity ordered. If you order a different scent, the curing time is @ 6 weeks, but since I love making soap, I'll be happy to consider your request. 
     My creamy feeling Solid Lotion Bars look like the top of a large rose and are $5.00. The smooth Lip Gloss is $3.00 and comes in a tiny, white plastic pot with a screw top lid. Flavors are in the works!
     Looking for Wedding Favors? Order the bride and groom's favorite scents as take-home, wedding, memory favors for the guests. A picture of the bride and groom and their wedding date is on one side of the soap and the other lists the ingredients. Soap size is @ 3" x 2.5" x 3/8". All soap is wrapped in clear cellophane and costs $2.50/bar.
Call 256-452-8213 to order.
You will be pleased that you did as will those with whom you share my delightful creations!
All products list the exact ingredients used in case of allergies and are made 100% by me with my tools and equipment. 
Note: they are not inspected as cosmetics by the State of Alabama.