by Steve Loucks

Contributing Editor: Lynnette Hesser

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Book Reviews:

John Simmons, Ceramics professor, Lee University:

     "Steve Loucks’ book, “Glazes From a Potter’s Perspective” is indispensable for the every clay classroom. The subtitle, “A Simple, Kitchen-Method Approach to Understanding Glaze Development”, neatly summarizes the approach of this book. It is a great, no-nonsense text that skips the confusing mathematical and chemical formulaic approach that is often found in books on ceramic glazing and instead gives basic practical information that is invaluable in the classroom or for individual use. It is profuse with helpful color photographs to illustrate the various well-explained topics.  This is my go-to book for just about any glaze question. I would not be without it in my college classroom."


Jonathan Kaplan, Curator, Plinth Gallery

     "I also came from the pencil and slide rule glaze calculation era but with a solid base in ceramic materials. I think your book is one of the more important contributions to our field that takes the behind-the-scenes of glazing and makes it understandable.

      Even with the latest software, it is still molar based and while the calculation are done for you, you still need a solid base in ceramic materials. Your book has made this subject understandable, easy to comprehend, and non-mysterious.

      Thank you for writing this valuable text and much success with it.”

Scott Smith, ceramic artist

After 12 years, my ceramic journey hit a cognitive breakthrough!  Your book!!!


‘Glazes From A Potter’s Perspective’ has fully demystified glazes and glaze materials.  I’m now more confident than ever that I can start crafting my own glazes.  Thank you so very much for writing this book. You have opened up so many new adventures for me. Greatly appreciated!