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Ceramic Artist, Workshop Presenter, Soapmaker, etc.

"North Branch Nature Center Fungus


     September 23-December 2023

     Montpelier, Vermont












"Carving to Your Heart's Delight"

     October 28, 2023, 2:00

     Appalachian Arts Craft Center

     Clinton, Tennessee

     Hands-on carving demonstration and

     workshop. For information, call 865-494-9854,


"Georgia Clay Council Workshop"

     Demonstration workshop with Steve Loucks

               November 4-5, 2023

     Canton, Georgia

"Stack 'Em Up"

     with Steve Loucks

      Dive deep into structure, embellishment, and style. Make

      complex, multi-sectional vessels from simple, wheel-

      thrown parts. Learn to dart, stretch, alter, and embellish.

      Stack and assemble the sections to make pedestalled

      forms, vases, pitchers, and candlesticks. Enhance your

      pieces with carvings, sprigs, lids and/or handles, and

      glazes. Fire pieces you complete early in the week in the

      electric kiln while we continue to create more work. Be

      prepared to transport some unfired pieces.

      To register, go to: Stack 'Em Up (

     John C. Campbell Folk School

     Brasstown, North Carolina


"Serving with Finesse"

     with Steve Loucks

     June 4-11, 2023

     John C. Campbell Folk School

     Brasstown, North Carolina

"Carving to Your Heart's Desire"

     June 3, 2023, 2:00

     Mountain Potters

     Hayesville Public Library

     Hayesville, North Carolina

"2023 Juried Cup Show"

     May 13-July 22, 2023

     Hudgens Center for Art & Learning 

     Duluth, Georgia

"Serving with Finesse"

     with Steve Loucks

     June 4-11, 2023

     John C. Campbell Folk School

     Brasstown, North Carolina

"Bowl-ing with Cone 6 Glazes" 

     February 19-24, June 5-12, 2022

     Dual hands-on and demonstration workshop

     with Steve Loucks, making multiple styles of

     bowls to alter, assemble, carve, embellish,

     glaze, and fire. Includes glazing demonstra-

     tions and discussions.

     John C. Campbell Folk School

     Brasstown, North Carolina

"Alabama Craft Guild Free Demonstration"

     One-hour demonstration by seven artists

     Organizer and participant

     January 28, 2023

     Huntsville Museum of Art

     Huntsville, Alabama


"Faculty Exhibition"

      Fall 2021, 2022

     Jacksonville State University

     Hammond Hall Gallery

     Jacksonville, Alabama

"Alabama Clay Conference 2022 Vendor"

     with Steve Loucks 

     February 17-19, 2022

     Shelby County Arts Center

     Columbiana, Alabama

"Little Things Matter"

     National Juried Small-Scale Sculpture


     Through November 5, 2021

     School of Performing and Visual Arts

     The University of Southern Mississippi

     Hattiesburg, Mississippi

"Drinking Vessels with Panache"

     August 21-28, 2021

     Dual workshop with Steve Loucks

     John C. Campbell Folk School

     Brasstown, NC


"Creative Spirit"

     August 4-October 2, 2021

     Dual Exhibition with Steve Loucks

     Johnson Center for the Arts

     Troy, Alabama


Check out

      for a fun podcast about my husband

      Steve Loucks' & my approach to



I am Contributing Editor for the new book:

     "Glazes from a Potter's Perspective:

      A Simple, Kitchen-Method Approach 

      to Understanding Glaze Development",

      by Steve Loucks 

           To order, please call 256.435.4105 or

                  256.452.8213 or email


           The cost is $45 which includes shipping

           and handling within the US, $65 to

           Canada and $75 to Mexico. Other 

           international postage costs are determined

           by the patrons actual shipping address.

           Payment is made through a

           invoice sent to your email. 

           Please leave your email address, repeat

           your phone number, and tell us how you

           heard about the book.

           For more information see "Glaze Book" on the

           Menu Bar above.

I was honored to have been chosen as a 

     2019 winner of the Alabama State

     Council on the Arts Fellowship in Crafts.


 Where to buy my work:

     Go to "Sales Booth" on the Menu Bar above.

     Call to make an studio visit appointment.

     Four Corners Gallery and Frame Shop

          4700 Hwy 280, Suite 8

          Birmingham, Alabama 35242



     To contact me, please call 256.435.4105, call or text me at 256.452.8213, and/or email me at

about pieces that you are

interested in me making just for

you or to arrange an exhibition or workshop.

      To visit our studio, call 256.452.8213 for an appointment to make sure we are here. We love visitors as we are opening new kilns with new

work all the time.

      Our studio address is:

           1092 Seven Springs Road

           Wellington, Alabama 36279

      We are in the beautiful countryside of

Alabama twenty minutes south of Gadsden,

two hours west of Atlanta, two hours south of both Chattanooga and Huntsville, and one and a half hours northeast of Birmingham.  Shipping is available for pottery purchased at the studio,

for my gorgeous handmade shopping bags, hand dyed t-shirts (images available by request and size) and my all-natural Seven Springs Cream Soaps, Solid Lotion, and Lip Gloss.

(click on "More" then "Soap" on the Menu Bar above), La Fleur Rose Solid Lotion, and Lip Gloss.






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